How did the name come about?

  • When we first started out, it was solely with the idea of being a shoetique. We wanted to be encouraging to women. So Uplyft came because heels literally make women taller and again, we are about uplifting women. The name changed to Uplyft U once we began selling more products. We women to feel confident and beautiful in whatever they purchase from us.

How long is shipping?

  • Orders are shipped no later than 72 hours after purchase unless, shipping has been expedited or overnighted. Items ship with USPS or UPS.

Are items in stock?

  • Anything listed on the website is in stock, unless otherwise noted.

What is the overall meaning behind Uplyft U.

  • To uplift and unite women, one slay at time. Providing women with affordable, quality pieces of clothing that will make them feel confident and beautiful about themselves. I never really felt beautiful and loved throughout my high school years, so this is my way of spreading positivity 💜.

Can orders be changed after purchase?

  • NO! Once the order is placed, no edits can be made unless their is an issue on our end!

Do you accept exchanges?

  • There is no refund policy, but we can accept exchanges as long as items are in the condition they were purchased in. Products are usually limited, so we cannot guarantee the product you want will be in stock. We accept returns in exchange for store credit!